The mission of Clear Creek Baptist Association is encouraging churches toward effectively fulfilling the Great Commission, equipping Christian leaders, and inspiring cooperation among God’s people. In order to accomplish their mission, members of the Association SHALL:
1. Bring glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ by setting an example of excellence and integrity.
2. Promote unified prayer.
3. Strengthen church leaders in their roles through training and consultation using current resources and methods.
4. Provide continuing education and discipleship opportunities for ministers and other leaders.
5. Equip church members in the work of the church in their unique setting.
6. Communicate effectively with churches. Provide for communication among the churches and throughout the region.
7. Network with churches so they have opportunities to share resources, work together on ministry projects, and fellowship together.
8. Encourage teamwork among associational leaders.
9. Seek opportunities to coordinate with churches to start new missions where needed.
10. Undergird and interpret the work of the Illinois Baptist State Association and Southern Baptist Convention.